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The program helped us grow on YouTube faster than I could have ever expected. Before working with them, we had 117 subscribers and were struggling to make anything happen. Now just 9 months after starting with him we are rapidly approaching 6,000 subscribers and are getting over 64,000 views a month. Without the Coaching Program, I would not be improving on YouTube, which lead to more notoriety on LinkedIn and speaking opportunities at Video Marketing Conferences.

Roger Wakefield LEED APThe Expert Plumber

I began working with them during my first year on YouTube when I had about 1500 subscribers. They evaluated my channel and provided guidance and advice on developing content, video strategy, on-screen presence, and thumbnail design. They were always accessible to answer questions and offer support. With his help, my grew to nearly 200k in one year. If you’re serious about growing your channel, this is the place.

Antonio BorrelloAsk Dr. Antonio

Was fortunate enough to work with Jeremy Vest in 2017 and my YouTube knowledge went up exponentially in that year. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that my audience doubled 3 times in 2018 after working with him. I still credit him for a big part of the success of my channel and the fact that I can now do it for a living. The guy is a freaking savant when it comes to this stuff. If you want to learn YouTube inside and out, you can’t do much better than The Jerm.

Joe ScottAnswers With Joe
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